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Kickstarting Factory IoT with ThingWorx Applications

Pressure on manufacturers to maximise production performance has never been higher, yet many companies still face significant challenges in acquiring, managing, sharing and acting upon the production data that will help them to achieve their goals. The adoption of the ThingWorx IoT platform can assist manufacturers to quickly resolve these production data management issues, particularly using Thingworx Applications which are:

  • Built for multiple customers, industries, locales and sites
  • Built for performance at scale with dozens of assets at dozens of sites
  • Affordable, quick to deploy and easy to support
  • Managed applications with version control and pre-requisites
  • Extensible (horizontally and vertically)
  • Upgradable applications aligned with ThingWorx capabilities, features and releases

LEAP recently ran a webinar entitled Kickstarting Factory IoT with ThingWorx Applications where we explored the capabilities and benefits of each of the ThingWorx Applications. This presentation complete with clips of the webinar recording is summarised below. In the first clip, LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager, Allan Thompson provides an overview of how IoT is driving Digital Disruption within industry and what that means.

Next Allan explains the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform and how it is used to:

  • Connect – for connecting to a multitude of ‘things’ such as sensors, devices, equipment or other sources of data
  • Build – for rapid development of IoT applications
  • Analyse – providing insightful data analytics
  • Manage – driving actions or automating processes by connecting to other business systems such as ERP or maintenance systems
  • Experience – rapid IoT application development environment – for quickly building dashboards for desktop, web or mobile, or creating immersive in-context Augmented Reality experiences

In addition to these building blocks that make up the ThingWorx platform, the ThingWorx Application Framework provides a number of solutions and applications designed to address specific common use-cases, eliminating the need for customers to build these solutions themselves. Learn more in the clip below.

In the next clip, Allan takes a closer look at the ThingWorx Real Time Production Performance Monitoring application (RTPPM) and how it is used to address the challenges companies face in maximising production performance. RTPPM provides a prescriptive way to capture, contextualise and visualise OEEKPI data with a template that is architected for speed to value, rapid scale and impact. These insights drive identification of under performing assets and allow new efficiencies to be identified and acted upon. Watch the clip below to learn more about RTPPM in ThingWorx.

The next application that Allan discusses is ThingWorx Asset Monitoring & Utilization (AMU) which helps maintenance personnel to better understand what is happening with factory assets. AMU uses a descriptive analytics approach where asset health is monitored in real-time based on threshold values and complex event processing to identify abnormal conditions and alert people in real-time. Learn more about ThingWorx AMU in the clip below.

Allan then takes a closer look at the ThingWorx Connected Work Cell application (CWC) which assists with the assembly of complex discrete products. CWC delivers up to date, digital and in-context to operators on the shop floor. By combining data from multiple production sources, the operator has seamless bi-directional interaction with all data required to perform daily work. Watch the clip below to learn more.

Thanks for reading and watching these videos. You’ll now better understand how the ThingWorx manufacturing applications can be used to drive top-line financial results through operational improvements – lowering operating costs and increasing asset efficiency. If you would like to speak to one of LEAP’s IoT experts about ThingWorx or any of the specific applications discussed here, please contact us at LEAP.

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