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How Codebeamer ALM helps simplify complex product and software engineering at scale

Innovation in modern products is increasingly being defined by software. Learn how product development teams are using Codebeamer Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to manage their software development processes, helping programmers to collaborate more effectively using unique digital workflows that promote Agile development and ensure regulatory compliance.

Easy Access to PLM information with ThingWorx Navigate

LEAP recently ran a webinar entitled Easy access to PLM information with ThingWorx Navigate which looked at how engineering teams can extend the capabilities of their PLM system to make important product data available and easily accessible to various stakeholders across the organisation with ThingWorx Navigate. Here we have summarised the webinar and made the recording available. To begin, Paul O’Shaughnessy – PTC Business Manager at LEAP Australia explains the concept of the Digital Thread and how it pertains to the Digital Organisation – using technology to connect the products, people, places and processes within an organisation. LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager Allan Thompson then discusses traditional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and some of the challenges associated with sharing PLM data across the wider organisation, particularly with those outside...

Reworking Your Workflow for Better Product Design with Creo Simulation

Creo Simulation tools provide guidance on the thousands of decisions you make throughout the development process, improving quality, reducing time to market, and saving you money. LEAP recently ran a webinar entitled Reworking Your Workflow for Better Product Design with Creo Simulation Live where we looked more closely at how the adoption of simulation early in the design process can accelerate time to market and improve product quality. You can watch the clips from this webinar below where Ben Muston, Application Engineer at LEAP Australia explains the different simulation tools available within Creo and provides a live demonstration of each. In this first clip, Ben explains the benefits of Simulation Driven Design before introducing the Creo Simulation portfolio, Creo Simulation Live, Creo Simulation Live Plus...

Managing the complete MCAD & ECAD BOM in Windchill PLM

Modern products are becoming increasingly smart, complex and connected and often require a multi-disciplined approach to design and engineering. As such a single, accurate and complete BOM structure, along with the associated content that defines the product, is increasingly important for companies to manage this complexity. LEAP recently ran a webinar discussing how Windchill PLM allows companies to manage a complete multi-disciplinary BOM incorporating data from MCAD, ECAD, Software and other sources. To begin the webinar, PTC Business Manager at LEAP, Paul O'Shaughnessy gives a brief overview of LEAP Australia, integration specialists XPLM and the concept of the Digital Thread - using technology to connect the products, people, places and processes within an organisation. Next, LEAP’s PTC Technical Manager, Allan Thompson provides an overview of...

Improving Training, Maintenance & Instructions through Augmented Reality

Let's take a closer look at how different tools within the PTC Vuforia suite help you leverage Augmented Reality (AR) in your workplace and rapidly capture your process knowledge today for future use in training, maintenance and instructions. Here we have used highlights from our recent webinar to showcase how different AR tools & apps within the Vuforia suite allow you to rapidly create repeatable training instructions or step-by-step guides, capture process knowledge and scale your manufacturing expertise throughout your organisation. To open, Allan Thomspon, PTC Technical Manager at LEAP Australia provides a brief overview of AR technology and how market pressures such as the growing worker skills gap and evolving customer demands are driving the adoption of AR within industry. Next, Allan introduces PTC’s...

Exploring Creo 8 – New Features & Enhancements

Explore the raft of new improvements in Creo 8 – designed to help you create better products, faster than ever – from LEAP’s live Creo 8 web launch. We explore the enhancements to usability and productivity in Creo 8, including new tools for model-based definition (MBD) and additive and subtractive manufacturing; plus new simulation and generative design capabilities.

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