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Boost Innovation with Creo Simulation

We all know how crucial speed-to-market is to a successful product launch, but did you know that by employing simulation early in the design cycle you can significantly accelerate your speed-to-market? The addition of real-time simulation tools to the beginning of your development workflow will give your engineers instant feedback on their design changes and provide valuable insights on which design directions to explore next, in turn reducing rework and shortening your development cycle.

LEAP recently ran the final webinar of our Innovate with Creo series, covering the latest in Creo’s simulation capabilities which we have summarised in this article. In the first clip below, Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager at LEAP Australia gives an overview of Creo’s simulation capabilities and how they are being harnessed to boost innovation.

In this next clip, Ben Muston, Senior Application Engineer at LEAP Australia provides a live demonstration of both an FEA and a CFD analysis using Creo Simulation Live, which provides instantaneous simulation capabilities to study the structural stresses, fluid dynamics and heat transfer effects for your model inside Creo. Watch the clip below to see it in action.

Allan then provides a brief case study from German pump and valve manufacturer, FEG Grundlagen-und Vorentwicklung Endress & Hauser Flowtec, before summarising the benefits of adopting simulation into the design lifecycle, including:

  • Deeper understanding of product performance
  • Reduced design-cycle times
  • Fewer prototypes
  • Reduced warranty liability

We hope that you found this article informative. If you would like to revisit the other Innovate with Creo series topics, please see our articles on Generative Design and Modern Manufactucring.

LEAP has decades of experience in helping our customers across Australia & New Zealand to take advantage of physics-based simulation. If you’re interested in anything you’ve seen above, contact us here and one of our engineers will be more than happy to help discuss your specific problem or project.

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