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Guest Blog – Monash University – FYP brings together best-in-class technologies to create a functioning Digital Twin

Guest Post by Shikhar Gupta, final-year student in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering at Monash University, Victoria, Australia. Shikhar was a full-time intern at LEAP Australia over the summer of 2017/18, then completed his Final Year Project using LEAP & PTC software during 2018. The result of Shikhar’s work was presented last week at Monash University Spark Night where all ECSE final-year students showcase their final-year projects. Setting out on this project, our aim was to create a working digital twin prototype that could be considered to represent a smart connected product operating out in the field. In doing so, I was able to demonstrate the process of connecting a product to the cloud, performing physics-based simulations to predict product behaviour under...