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    Guest blog: Student perspective endorses valuable skills gained at RMIT IoT/AR Hackathon

    Team Supernova - first place winners at the RMIT IoT/AR Hackathon
    At LEAP, we were very proud to play an important role in mentoring the student teams from RMIT to help them deliver their IoT/AR-based solutions to 10 real-world industry problems across 2 exciting days of the Hackathon.  It was certainly inspiring to us to see their creativity and ingenuity emerge using Vuforia Augmented Reality (AR) & Thingworx Internet of Things (IoT) technologies – allowing them to deliver impressive and useful solutions in such a short space of time! But most impressive is when we receive feedback from the students which shows how thoroughly they “get it” and can already fathom the massive impact and transformation that this new tech will deliver in the next few years.  Watch the video below, and then read on for...

    LiveWorx18 – Innovation Velocity

    LiveWorx 2018 Highlights at LEAP Australia
    Watch the highlights from PTC President and CEO, Jim Heppelmann’s Keynote presentation at LiveWorx 2018 – Innovation Velocity: From A Place To A Pace, including announcements and discussion about strategic partnerships with ANSYS, Microsoft and Rockwell Automation and demonstrations of several exciting new AR based technologies. Jim Heppelmann announces the new partnership between ANSYS and PTC. Jim Heppelmann discusses the partnership between Microsoft and PTC. Demonstration of PTC's new AR based technologies, Chalk, Waypoint and Reality Editor. Jim Heppelmann discusses PTC's strategic partnership with Rockwell Automation.

    What is Industry 4.0 and what does it mean for us as engineers?

    Industry 4.0 Solutions at LEAP Australia
    Initially devised as part of a German government-led strategy to promote digitalisation in manufacturing, the term Industrie 4.0 (aka the fourth industrial revolution) has arisen in recognition of the significant value that can be realised in transforming manufacturing from traditional techniques to a fully connected and digitally managed process, often known as cyber-physical systems. This strategy has now been embraced globally, though you’ll notice it is known by other names around the world: for example, Smart Manufacturing (in the United States) and Made in China 2025. In most cases, commercial companies are excited about the potential for Industry 4.0 technologies to help them remain competitive in a changing manufacturing space, which is particularly relevant for companies operating in high-cost economies (such as here in Australia &...

    Guest Blog by RMIT: “How to Train the Next Generation Workforce?”

    In this guest post, Mark Raphael, Industry Engagement Manager at RMIT University, provides his insights from the AMTIL 2017 National Conference – “Manufacturing’s Future in a Digital Age”. On Tuesday 14 November I took part in a panel session at the AMTIL 2017 National Conference to respond to the question: “How to Train the Next Generation Workforce?”. Understanding the characteristics of the Next Generation Workforce is of course crucial in answering this question.   The Next Generation Workforce will be made up of post-millennials or “Linksters”; those born after 2002. The Linkster Generation (so called because they are linked into technology from day they are born) have grown up with social media, smart phones, apps and pervasive wi-fi. Video games have introduced the Linksters to…

    Augmented Reality (AR) draws attention at MMS 2017 launch night

    [Editorial Note: from June 2018, the AR app referred to in this blog is now known on all app stores as Vuforia View]: Thanks to Monash Motorsport (MMS) for the invitation to their 2017 Launch last week. The team at LEAP is proud to be a long-standing partner of the MMS team, and we were excited to work with them this year to deliver a new Augmented Reality (AR) experience to help showcase their M17-C and M17-E cars on launch night, and also use AR to highlight components on the car from key sponsors. On launch night, we were able to showcase these AR experiences using the Microsoft Hololens (see video below), plus provide a take-away AR experience on a flyer for all attendees to...

    How will Augmented Reality (AR) change the way engineers in industry design the next generation of smart, connected products?

    PTC KTM Augmented Reality image
    Augmented reality (AR) is generating much excitement amongst technology enthusiasts worldwide, but it is also worth considering how AR may disrupt the way companies do business by enabling engineers, technicians and consumers to experience their products in a completely new way. Historically, it has been challenging for manufacturers to develop and deploy AR if they did not have access to a team of skilled coders and a sizeable budget - fortunately, recent hardware advances and ongoing software development by companies such as PTC have meant that AR has never been more accessible to engineers and designers within the industrial enterprise. So what is Augmented Reality (AR) exactly? AR is often confused with Virtual Reality (VR) – the clear distinction is that while VR completely immerses...