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Why has Onshape become the #1 Fastest-Growing CAD Software in the World?

According to engineering.com, Onshape is now the fastest-growing CAD system in the world, with users topping 2 million and a rapid growth rate of 7x the average of other CAD systems. At the end of a challenging year, let’s reflect on the factors that have led to this rapid uptake of Onshape across Australia, New Zealand & the world!

If you’re not familiar already, Onshape is the only cloud-native product development platform that integrates CAD, data management and analytics – in an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Since PTC acquired Onshape two years ago, at LEAP we have been very pleased to see development at Onshape continue to accelerate as they continued adding features and improving functionality across the board, in response to the growing list of customers looking to leverage the clear benefits of SaaS for computer-aided design (CAD) and data management.

At LEAP, Onshape Engineering Solutions Manager Akshay Shinde has observed “particularly strong interest and uptake in Onshape by customers who were working remotely or working in disparate teams over multiple locations, particularly in industries such as Manufacturing and Mining. These users were looking to use the collaborative design features that helped them work concurrently on their designs with colleagues in multiple locations. We also identified a huge increase in education users from high schools and universities looking to leverage the shift to cloud-native tools which is occurring throughout academia.”

We’ve also observed rapid product development in the core CAD platform that all our users are loving, because every user in the world is always working on the same version of Onshape (the latest version!) without any wasted time or IT effort on their part thanks to automatic cloud updates. Some of these highlights noted by Taju Joseph, Senior Application Engineer at LEAP, include:

  • Release Management Change detection: Release management can check exactly what has changed (both physical and metadata) per object, per release, avoiding mistakes of re-releasing unchanged objects
  • Sheet Metal fold Orientation: Sheet metal fold Orientation ensures users now can set the up direction of Sheet Metal flat patterns. This allows for increased control over appearance and bend notes in Drawings.
  • Ruled Surface Feature: With the Ruled Surface Feature. Onshape makes it easy for users with intuitive ‘’drag and drop functionality. Ruled surface is essential for defining complex drafted parts and parting surfaces.

Addressing the Onshape user base, Jon Hirschtick, founder and CEO of Onshape (now a PTC company), added in his recent video (above) that “When we started this journey of building a cloud-native CAD solution we had a vision of the impact we could make on your work, so it’s been very gratifying for us to hear you, our customers, tell us of the value and even new ways of design that you’ve achieved with Onshape. The journey isn’t over yet and we will be delivering even more innovative features to Onshape in 2022!”

If you haven’t looked at Onshape already, then there has never been a better time than now to join the 2 million+ Onshape users worldwide – LEAP’s growing experience means we are the best team to guide you through the process of trialling Onshape and selecting the right plan for your team’s unique needs – get started at https://www.leapaust.com.au/onshape/

Join LEAP for our free webinar scheduled for Tuesday February 8th, 2022 to learn why Onshape is now the world’s fastest growing CAD and PLM system!

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