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Using IoT for remote monitoring of assets & operations in a post-COVID world

As part of a 3-part IoT & AR webinar series, here are the highlights from webinar session 1 on Using IoT for remote monitoring of assets & operations in a post-COVID world.

Along with an overview of the PTC IoT and AR platforms, we introduce the concept of Digital Disruption and how the ThingWorx IoT platform is used to:

  • Connect – for connecting to a multitude of ‘things’ such as sensors, devices, equipment or other sources of data
  • Build – for rapid development of IoT applications
  • Analyse – providing insightful data analytics
  • Manage – driving actions or automating processes by connecting to other business systems such as ERP or maintenance systems
  • Experience – rapid IoT application development environment – for quickly building dashboards for desktop, web or mobile, or creating immersive in-context Augmented Reality experiences

Next, we take a closer look at how OEMs are leveraging IoT technology through ThingWorx to improve the operation of smart connected products by leveraging insights from real-world data – which can benefit a number of roles at OEMs as well as the end customer:

  • Service/Maintenance – where products are being used, how they are being used, planning for optimal service intervals, plus real-time data to help stock monitoring for spare parts and consumables
  • Operations – understand what capacity is being used and provide real-time data for better planning
  • Product Management /┬áSales – insights into customer requirements, what capacity they’re running at and what features are actually being used
  • Engineering/R&D – data insights to help test and validate and move towards a digital twin

Next, Allan opens the software to show a live demonstration of PTC’s IoT platform, Thingworx to demonstrate how a heavy machinery company can use IoT to quickly gather real-time field data from their fleet of machines, then identify and correct potential problems with their vehicles before they happen:

Next Allan discusses the burgeoning interest in Smart Connected Operations and how companies across Australia and New Zealand are using IoT to connect their previously disconnected systems and machinery: including business systems (ERP, PLM), production execution (MES / MOM), process monitoring (HMI-SCADA) as well as process sensing / manipulating (PLC) systems. The motivation behind this is to create a truly ‘smart factory’ to help management and plant operators to improve and achieve the holy grail of:

  • Better Asset Utilisation
  • Real-time Quality Validation & In-Process Quality Control
  • Predictive Maintenance & Quality
  • Prescriptive Performance & Energy Optimisation

In another live demonstration, Allan shows the Thingworx software interface and shows you how to connect and interact with live data across various Thingworx dashboards (also known as ‘mash-ups’):

We conclude by recapping key topics covered in this first webinar of our 3-part series:

If you have any questions or would like any further information on anything covered in this webinar please don’t hesitate to contact an expert at LEAP to discuss your own project.

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