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Learn about Onshape – the complete cloud-native product development platform

At LEAP, we’re excited to be helping customers in Australia & New Zealand to learn more about Onshape and whether it is the right fit for their CAD and product development needs. We recently ran a series of webinars to help showcase how Onshape can be used to empower your team to collaborate more effectively, accelerate time to market, eliminate silos, and provide a product development process that better suits the nature of modern design teams.

So to start with, what do you get with Onshape?

  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Data & Release Management
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Security & Audit Controls
  • Analytics & Reporting

This first webinar clip provides an introduction to Onshape and an overview of the distinctive features of a pure cloud-native product development platform:

In the following clip we demonstrate Onshape running live in the Chrome browser however Onshape can run in any browser, including Mozilla, Safari and Edge. We demonstrate how the Onshape interface allows teams to work concurrently on the same project and share progress without having to worry about saving and sharing files, backing up data or version control. Onshape takes care of all of this for you.

Now we take a closer look at how Onshape differs from traditional PDM systems in that it is not an afterthought, built on top of CAD in order to manage the data, but rather forms the core of Onshape. Onshape was built around a cloud-native data management system which frees users from expensive PDM software and ongoing maintenance as well as the overheads associated with server and IT infrastructure.

Now we briefly demonstrate how data management works within Onshape, how teams can view, share and collaborate within a unified environment across various different devices without having to worry about saving their work or managing their files.

Next we explore the reasons why Onshape is a better choice for most design teams than traditional CAD applications such as Solidworks. For example Onshape users will never experience data loss or downtime due to the software crashing. Furthermore, the file-less architecture of Onshape allows for unique control over the distribution of data and access permissions across multiple users and roles.

Finally we demonstrate these benefits live, using the Chrome browser. See how Onshape helps users to manage their data within a team and eliminates the problems associated with saving, renaming and sharing files. See how you can easily view the work that members of the design team have done on any particular project and how you can return to certain past states of your designs. You can even save and share workflows within Onshape to retain process knowledge and expedite future design iterations. Watch below to learn more.

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