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Improving Training, Maintenance & Instructions through Augmented Reality

Let’s take a closer look at how different tools within the PTC Vuforia suite help you leverage Augmented Reality (AR) in your workplace and rapidly capture your process knowledge today for future use in training, maintenance and instructions. Here we have used highlights from our recent webinar to showcase how different AR tools & apps within the Vuforia suite allow you to rapidly create repeatable training instructions or step-by-step guides, capture process knowledge and scale your manufacturing expertise throughout your organisation.

To open, Allan Thomspon, PTC Technical Manager at LEAP Australia provides a brief overview of AR technology and how market pressures such as the growing worker skills gap and evolving customer demands are driving the adoption of AR within industry.

Next, Allan introduces PTC’s suite of industrial AR tools, the Vuforia AR Enterprise Suite, which consists of 5 offerings each of which address a particular market need:

  • Vuforia Engine: The most widely used computer vision software for custom AR applications
  • Vuforia StudioDrag and drop AR authoring that leverages existing 3D CAD and IoT data in an easy-to-use format for content creators
  • Vuforia Instruct: Use 3D CAD data to create templated inspection processes
  • Vuforia Expert Capture: Quickly capture and share expert knowledge to create powerful step-by-step AR instructions
  • Vuforia Chalk: Allow an expert to ‘see what I see’ and provide live annotation within a shared workspace for remote expert assistance

In the next clip, Allan takes a closer look at Vuforia Studio which allows users to author and publish rich AR content using existing 3D and IoT data. With Vuforia Studio, content creators can bring together various information such as CAD data, IoT readings and traditional digital media to create a wide variety of custom AR experiences. Allan then provides some customer case studies which highlight potential use cases such as improving training, installation and sales effectiveness. This is followed by a live demonstration of an AR experience created in Vuforia Studio.

Next Allan introduces the newest addition to the Vuforia Suite, Vuforia Instruct which allows you to use 3D CAD to optimise quality processes and field inspections. Vuforia Instruct helps organisations:

  • Scale engineering excellence
  • Improve quality processes
  • Boost front-line accuracy and efficiency
  • Gain insights for continuous improvement

Allan then provides an overview of the Vuforia Instruct workflow, from authoring and deploying the experience through to accessing the analytics which allow for the ongoing improvement of quality and inspection processes within the organisation.

In the following clip Allan discusses Vuforia Expert Capture which provides fast and easy knowledge capture, allowing you to rapidly create step-by-step guides and scale your manufacturing expertise throughout an organisation. Again we walk through the workflow, starting by recording instructions to use as a basis for authoring your AR experience, deploying the experience and again, using the resulting analytics to gain greater insight the effectiveness of your guides and allowing you to iterate and improve on them further.

Finally Allan gives an overview of Vuforia Chalk which allows an expert to ‘see what I see’ in real time and annotate in a shared workspace to provide remote assistance. Providing a simple, intuitive user experience requiring minimal training and set up, Vuforia Chalk connects experienced staff with colleagues in remote locations to help guide them through complex processes to ensure the correct outcomes with minimal downtime.

We hope that you found the information presented here informative and as always, if you have any questions or would like assistance to get started with AR you can contact us at LEAP to speak with an expert.

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