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Don’t miss LEAP’s session at MaD2018: Manufacturing and Design Conference in New Zealand

MaD2018: A Collaborative Future for NZ Manufacturing and Design (#MaD2018) – May 21- 22, 2018

The Second National Conference for Innovation in Manufacturing and Design

Join us in Auckland, NZ, next week for MaD2018 & learn about exciting, new manufacturing and design research and be inspired by examples of positive collaborations between industry and researchers.

What is it?

The MaD Network is a cross-disciplinary community of New Zealand researchers in manufacturing and design that works in close collaboration with industry to envision and shape New Zealand’s future manufacturing economy. (#MaD2018)

What can I see from LEAP?

In addition to an interactive booth with IoT and AR from real-world industry applications on display, Allan Thompson, PTC Technical Manager from LEAP, will also be presenting on Tuesday May 22nd in the 10.30am to 12.30pm Industry 4.0 session at MaD2018:

Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Industry 4.0 Apps for SMEs with Augmented Reality (AR) Interaction:

It is increasingly clear that companies worldwide need a rapid way to deploy and benefit from Industry 4.0 technology – starting with connecting their networked devices through the Industrial Internet of Things.  The new ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps provide an Out of The Box (OOTB) option for IoT, giving you enhanced visibility, productivity and performance across your manufacturing environment with the benefits of a fast and easy deployment. These OOTB role-based apps provide you with pre-configured connectivity to your industrial equipment and provide visibility of real-time data to the people who need it, when they need it.

Digitisation is now impacting every aspect of business—from Operations and IT to financial forecasting, customer relations, and sales.

Traditional IoT offerings are often restricted to a single business aspect, protocol, or standard. Instead of needing to integrate multiple solutions across several business functions, companies can now utilise the ThingWorx IoT Platform from PTC to enable company-wide device-to-cloud connectivity with one overarching toolset. Utilised as a single source of smart solutions for IoT, the ThingWorx platform can provide analytical insight into a company’s data through business system integrations and industrial connectivity, streaming data from ERP, PLM, CRM as well as the IoT Gateway into Big Data analytics, as well as enable remote equipment monitoring from a centralized dashboard to promote predictive and proactive maintenance.

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is also a core Industry 4.0 technology that is being used to enhance the design, manufacturing and in-service stages of products and manufacturing processes. Also utilising Thingworx IoT connectivity to overlay real-time data on equipment to be viewed in-context, with measurable benefits to the training of new staff and in providing in-context feedback on faults and remedies to remote maintenance technicians.  Allan will showcase AR with a live demonstration of how to create and interact with AR experiences using both the Microsoft Hololens and consumer smartphones/tablets.


Among many other highlights, we also highly recommend that attendees mark their calendars for the keynote by Peter Beck from RocketLab on Monday (May 21) at 1.30pm immediately after lunch:

Monday 1.30pm to 2pm: Peter Beck, CEO, Chief Engineer and Founder – Rocket Lab Ltd


We look forward to seeing you at MaD2018: if you still need to register, you can find out more information here.



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